‘Stilt Divas Sky High Show Girls’ embody and celebrate exquisite feminine beauty. Their goddess-like beauty inspires reverence and adoration from afar.

Wearing elaborately decorative costumes, which are lavish, glittering with rhinestones, sequins and feathers of many colours. They rove and entertain guests with grace, elegance and poise. Guest’s always loving the abundance of photos taken with the Show Girls.

You can choose from a variety of the MAGNIFICENT

‘Stilt Divas Sky High Show Girls’

  • Our bright, green and blue show girls who work well as a duo and are called ‘Stilt Divas Mystic Topaz Show Girls’ Just like the gem stone mystic topaz having a remarkable appearance, so do these amazing show girls.
  • Or our bright pink show girl who is a show stopper! Her name is ‘Stilt Divas Pink Diamond Show Girl’ Like pink diamonds being rare and in a league of their own, so is this stunning show girl!
  • Or our fiery glittering red show girl called ‘Stilt Divas Ruby Show Girl’ Just like ruby gem stones being magnificent in appearance so is this show girl!
  • Or our beautiful blue ‘Stilt Divas Sapphire Show Girl’ Like sapphire gems being exquisite and immaculate in appearance so is this show girl!
  • Or our ‘Stilt Divas Victoria Secret Inspired Show Girls’ Looking more cheeky and sassy wearing white sequin leotards. With model bombshell appearances and amazing physiques that turn heads. They are the tallest models ever to strut the catwalks.
  • Or our dancing performance showcase which is performed by the ‘Stilt Divas Cabaret Show Girls’ This show case consists of a Stilt Divas Mystic Topaz, Pink Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire Show Girl. Dancing on stilts they create an atmosphere leaving your guests wanting more.  This amazing combination is so striking in appearance that it leaves your audience WOWED!